Writing A Winning Dissertation: Masters Level Tips

Generally, the structure of a Master’s thesis may vary from one study area to another. However, there are basic elements that must be included in every dissertation. Without knowing these elements, you will easily make mistakes that will end up jeopardizing the credibility of your work. To ensure that you are on the right track when writing dissertations, here are the key elements to consider from the thesis writing service professionals.

Summary or Abstract
The abstract or summary of a master’s degree thesis offers you an opportunity to whet the appetite of readers. The abstract highlights the key points of your study. It includes a thesis statement, research methodologies, findings and conclusion. Essentially, it ensures that readers have a clear idea of what to expect. This section can also cover acknowledgements.

The introduction section in a master’s thesis defense enables you to provide an overview of the main points of your research. It also awakens the interests of readers. The most essential components of the introduction chapter include:

  • Background of your chosen topic
  • Brief discussion of the research question or thesis statement
  • Outline of the study

When writing the introduction, ask yourself how long is a master’s thesis? This will enable you to know the limits to keep with regards to the other sections of the paper.

Theory Section
This chapter gives an analysis and interpretation of the data. As a result, it should highlight the theoretical perspectives that will be used in the study. This section should consist of the rich content that will make the discussions that will follow credible and interesting.

On this section, you are required to clearly tell readers the specific research techniques that will be used in the study. Whether you will use qualitative research, quantitative research or both, indicate that in this section. Additionally, demonstrate the suitability of your chosen research methods with regards to the context of the project.

In most master’s thesis examples, this section is simply referred to as Results. It is the analysis chapter that demonstrates the disparities in different kinds of phenomena as well as the findings of the research.

This is the most important chapter that requires a considerable amount of effort and space to compose. It is the part where you show readers that you have understood the significance of the results of the study and ability to apply theories in practice.

Conclusion of Dissertation for Masters
This is the section where you sum up the discussion by tying up loose ends. The conclusion should answer research question and point to chances of future studies.

Before you write the paper, make sure that you consult with your instructor to understand their expectations in terms of the master’s thesis length, structure and format for your study. This will enable you to adhere to their requirements and impress them with your work.

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