Coming Up With A Winning Dissertation Title

Choosing a dissertation title is one of the first steps in the process of writing dissertations. Besides choosing the title, it is also crucial that you know how to put it down on paper in a way that will attract your target audience and enable them to understand the context of the study without much trouble.

The title is the first thing that readers will look at. It should therefore give a good impression. A good dissertation title page should be informative and clearly tell readers what they need to know about the paper at first sight. Here are basic guidelines on how to write a good dissertation title.

Emphasize on the Core Focus of Your Study
One of the key roles of the title is to instantly communicate to readers what you are addressing in the paper. It should be crafted in a way that enables readers to get the full idea of what the study entails without necessarily reading the contents. Well written title for dissertation examples precisely sum up the scope of the research.

Include the Research Approach
The particular research techniques that are used in your study will have a greater bearing on the overall design and findings. As a result, it’s important that you indicate the approach that the study will adopt in the title. An example of a dissertation title with a research approach can be something like ‘International Business Expansion: A Qualitative Analysis of Innovative Strategies for Smaller Enterprises.’

Apart from the research approach, good dissertation chapter titles give readers a hint on research outcomes. This communicates the aim of study well in time so that readers do not keep guessing what to expect.

Avoid Inconsistent Language and Abbreviations
In the rest of the paper, you can use abbreviations and unique terminologies to describe your ideas. However, this should not apply in the title. That’s because acronyms and abbreviations can easily confuse readers and give a different impression from the intended focus of the research.

Observe Clarity and Format when Writing a Title for Dissertation
Regardless of the scope of your study, long and obscure statements will only make the title sound vague. A good title should be precise and focused on your study without sounding boring. Including aspects of humor could also spark interest in the title. However, use humor with care to avoid deviating from the focus of the research.

Here are dissertation title examples that illustrate the above guidelines:

  • Domestic Violence: Causes and Effects on Women
  • ‘’I’m Not Racist But…They’re Taking Our Jobs’’: Research Investigating the Extent to Which the Media Influences Public Opinions on Immigration
  • Race Relations in Leicester: A Historical and Qualitative Study
  • Asexuality: A New Emerging Identity

Apart from these tips, you may consider using a dissertation title generator for help with writing good dissertation titles. Nevertheless, following these tips will make writing a title for your dissertation easier.

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